About Us

Spark aims to make your founder journey more connected and confident, earlier on in the process. By providing an inclusive community of like-minded peers and potential cofounders, entrepreneurs can feel more supported in their journeys: receiving valuable feedback at each point of the founding journey, finding folks to partner with, and celebrating the small successes along the way. Beyond the peer network, entrepreneurs have access to mentors and funders, learning from a variety of people with experiences across different industries and specialties who can answer the questions you have and raise questions you’re not even thinking of yet. 

Unlike other communities that provide connection and feedback later on in the journey, Spark connects folks across the startup journey starting at the point of idea ideation, bringing together in one place the community to make a startup successful: like-minded peers, cofounders, mentors, and funders. If you’re just getting started, looking to pivot, or seeking entrepreneur mentorship, Spark is for you.

What value will I get from Spark?

Spark for entrepreneurs: Spark’s value is two-fold, both in helping develop your idea(s) and in helping your development as a founder. By sharing your ideas and taking part in discussions in the community, you can help validate your early ideas, understand nuanced pros and cons in pivoting, and forecast any challenges to come. Beyond growing your idea, Spark’s community is here to support and mentor you. By connecting with both peers and mentors, you’ll receive support and direction as you face any challenges to come and have a community to celebrate the small and big wins alongside you.

Spark for mentors: If you’re looking to grow as a mentor and leader in your industry or looking to give back and share lessons learned across your career, Spark offers the rewarding opportunity to connect with diligent and committed entrepreneurs looking for support and advice. You’ll support ideas and entrepreneurs you believe in and also be one of the first resources for entrepreneurs when it comes to discussions around brainstorming, advice, and funding.

Spark for the entrepreneurship community: Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur or mentor, you’re a valuable part of Spark’s community. Maybe you may see an exciting idea and want to partner with an entrepreneur. Maybe you want to fund an exciting idea or entrepreneur along their journey. Maybe you don’t want to be directly involved, but you love reading through exciting new ideas and businesses and want to be part of shaping their journey through voting, asking thoughtful questions, or providing encouragement. We’d love to hear your voice in the community and have you be a part of these startups’ journeys.

We want Spark to be valuable for you and are always excited to hear how we can improve it. Please reach out at: admin@sparkideas.app to connect.

How is Spark different from other entrepreneurship resources?

Spark stands out from peers by offering validation and community earlier, cheaper, easier, and higher quality.

Other entrepreneurship resources require a built-out tool, existing customers, or a fully-interactive prototype in order to receive feedback and validation. Preparing to get that validation or attention is time and money-intensive, with founders preparing for months or even years for a formal launch. Alternatively, customer validation tools and groups are out there as well, but access to those resources can be expensive or require customer research know-how to properly set up tests. Another resource would be reaching out to friends or family or on social media groups-- but feedback quality is highly variable and can be unsupportive, unhelpful, or even disparaging.

Because Spark was built by and for entrepreneurs for the purpose of providing feedback and community, it offers a unique ecosystem to support entrepreneurs earlier and throughout their journey.

Why should I post my idea on Spark?

Validation: Let’s face it-- the statistics for startups are grim. They estimate that 90% of startups fail, and the top reason for failure is lack of product-market fit. Knowing that, you made the smart decision to come here and validate product-market fit before you put your hard-earned time and money into starting a business. You’re looking to answer the fundamental question of: would someone pay for or use my product, and the Spark community is ready to tell you.

Community: Looking for your cofounder or simply looking for like-minded people on the same journey as you? Spark offers a collaborative forum to ask the big questions and receive valuable advice and support.

Mentorship: Building a business can be daunting, but you don’t need to build it alone. Spark’s community experts provide nuanced opinions across industries and experiences. Are you a subject-matter expert interested in mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs or know someone who might fit the bill? Reach out to admin@sparkideas.app to get started.

What if someone steals my idea?

We hear you, and we take your concern seriously. Here's our perspective on the benefits and risks to sharing on Spark, as well as what we'll do to help protect you:

1. We are big believers in the power of listening to your customers and believe that businesses can thrive from meeting customer needs, just as quickly as they can dive from not hearing their customers. If you don’t put your ideas out there to test, you’ll never know if the demand from customers is truly there

2. An idea is worth nothing until YOU bring it to life. It’s been said that the success of a company is 5% strategy and 95% execution. There could be a great idea, but what makes a business successful is you. Can other people execute the business the way you would? With the unique experiences and connections you have? With the business model, branding, and marketing you envision? If all it took to build successful businesses were a great idea, we’d all be using the same phones, driving the same cars, and wearing the same clothes.

3. We hear your concerns, and we respect the intellectual property rights of others. For more information, please see our Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy in our Terms of Service (https://sparkideas.app/terms-of-service/).

How did Spark get started?

One starry night, on a balmy, Texas, day, Spark was born. We were sitting on the porch, trading ideas, trying to think of a new project or problem to solve. We shot down 10 or 15 ideas, scared that our ideas weren't good enough. Every time we got excited about an idea, insecurity crept in, and we found 10 reasons why it might not work. If only there were a way to know if people would use our products and businesses before we opened up our wallets and hearts and committed the next 10 years to making them happen.

Since then, we’ve been focused on building out this first version of the Spark product and growing a community of creative, collaborative Sparkers.

We are always looking for ways to make Spark more fulfilling and valuable for you. If anything comes to mind-- our inboxes are open. Please reach out to admin@sparkideas.app to connect.