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Doctor-Recommended Backpack

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I’m an orthopedic doctor who sees many patients for back pain. Oftentimes, they carry heavy backpacks or purses, which make the problem even worse. I’m thinking about designing a doctor-recommended backpack: designed to more evenly distribute weight and release tension from areas of the back that are weaker to areas that are more strong. Would you be interested in purchasing something like this? Are you a product or industrial designer/engineer who could partner with me on this?


  1. Interesting idea. I recommend reaching out to healthcare insurers down the line to see if they might be able to cover this product (maybe with a provider prescription) for subscribers. I could see a lot of people not prioritizing their health until they feel like it’s “subsidized” or “free” because it’s covered by insurance. Best of luck!

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  2. I have a similar kind of backpack I use for hiking and outdoor trips that redistributes weight through straps around my mid-section and back. I don’t know if something “doctor-recommended” would mean so much to me, I more look for reviews and ratings online. If it’s a high-quality product at a good price point, the reviews and ratings will help drive that interest.

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  3. Okay, just a thought: what if you debut this within the medical field? I’m a nurse, and I’m always on my feet. I love the idea of anything that’s comfortable, practical, and not like ridiculously ugly. If you could get nurses on board with this backpack, you’d have a huge following.

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