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Introduction to Starting Work For New Hires

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Did you know the cost of onboarding a new hire can be nearly $4000? Even after the initial onboarding, new hires can still have trouble acclimating to work environments, and managers may have trouble integrating new hires into their work culture. Though each company may have specific training related to their practice and industry, many elements across companies may be common: email norms, out-of-office norms, standard communication practices with stakeholders, etc. 

My idea is to create a standardized onboarding program for new hires to supplement each company’s training. This program would focus on the intangible and qualitative aspects that help employees integrate into corporate cultures and prepare them for the workforce. Though this may be most applicable for fresh hires out of academic programs, this may also apply to those new to traditional work cultures or those switching industries. I see an opportunity to expand this program to more than onboarding in the future– it could also become an employee success program to ensure employees are set up for success, both boosting individual outcomes and boosting retention for organizations. 

My target market would be HR and Talent departments for small to medium-size organizations. For those who are in this market or have worked with similar markets, would this type of program be something you’d consider purchasing?


  1. Something like this could be great for teachers, but I almost see more value from sharing knowledge and tips and tricks among us instead of a formal education course. Right now, we share tips and tricks within our friend groups, but it’s almost like if you don’t spend as much time socializing with other teachers, you’ll miss important practices and updates. I would love if we could have this kind of technology to share information within niche groups so you have super-specific knowledge to your profession from your peers.

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  2. I love this idea! Have you thought about partnering with universities? Something like this could be great for career offices to have to prepare students for internships, jobs, etc. I’d definitely consider that as part of the target market if you haven’t already!

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  3. This is an interesting idea. I would be curious about it. As someone who works in HR, I could see this being a huge money and time-saver for my organization. Have you thought about the business model or price points you’d be looking to charge? I imagine it could also scale depending on organization size, no?

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