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Local Bartering App

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Have you ever wanted to monetize a talent you have, but aren’t ready to sink the time and resources needed for it to become a full-fledged business? Have you ever wanted to buy something, but didn’t really want to pay real money for it? I recently thought about how much I like getting my eyebrows done, but how great it would be to trade a good or service for it rather than adding to the long monthly bill of expenses. With this app, you could find individuals or small businesses who are offering services or goods you need, and are willing to exchange them for something you have to offer. Imagine if you could get your eyebrows done in exchange for walking their dog or acting as their personal stylist – things you both enjoy and are skilled at!

What do you think? Would you use this app?


  1. You’ll want to provide some guidance and structure for users on what services they can provide unlicensed vs. licensed and also think about any liability you would incur as facilitating these transactions. In particular, health and financial services may require more disclaimers and burden of licensing and verifying both on your end and on the individual users’.

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  2. Cool idea. I can see how this can apply to the nonprofit world. We receive many volunteers who work with my organization in exchange for school credit. However, volunteering tends to be less organized– it would be great to see if we can use volunteer skills in more specific, tangible ways? For example, if we can have one volunteer with strong organization skills help us with session management, one who is an accountant help us with nonprofit accounting (different from corporate accounting), etc. I wonder if you could add a feature that helps people indicate how they’d like to be compensated for their skills and include a few different options: another service, payment, volunteer credit, etc?

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  3. I love this idea and would absolutely use it! I think this could be an interesting opportunity for small business owners as well in building reputation, especially if it’s hard to get customers immediately. Besides the initial transaction of goods and services, I could see this being an interesting tool for the workforce in building reputation, like “soft credentials.” For example, academic and other training isn’t always accessible to everyone, but most of my peers and myself decide to buy things based on reputation– do other people like me buy these things? Do they have 5 stars on Yelp?

    This could be an interesting way for people to gain reputation in their chosen specialty through word of mouth and reviews, as opposed to $$$ on formal trainings and credentials. I like it a lot and love that it has broader workforce implications!

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  4. Interesting idea. I’d encourage you to think about what the “pro” version of this service might look like: high-valued members of the community receiving special discounts or unlocking premier services? The incentive for someone to become a casual user is there, but I’d be curious about that transition from casual user to highly-engaged, pro user.

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  5. SO cool. Reminds me of an online version of some community sharing services where members can sign up to provide certain services and trade with others in return. I would recommend partnering with a few community groups like that as your first users. You’ll be able to help them connect with other communities as well, which will help community members get access to skills they might not have in their immediate vicinity. Best of luck with this <3

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