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Medical Care Monitoring Platform

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One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is knowing whether the treatments you are receiving are working. I’m thinking about creating an online platform that helps patients gather data about their medical care. The app posts questions like what medications you are taking, what doctors you see, what procedures you undergo, and how your symptoms change over time. You can then review this data with your doctor to identify areas where things may not be working or areas for improvement. This might help patients better understand their conditions and find areas where they need more treatment, less treatment, or a different treatment altogether.

What do you think? Is this something that would interest you as a patient?


  1. That’s a great idea. I like your thinking that this could help patients better understand their conditions, and this could help them work together with their doctors to improve their treatment. I think one of the biggest challenges in creating something like this is figuring out how to incentivize patients to share this data. For example, if patients don’t want to share their data, then it will be hard to improve the treatment. Could you incentivize patients by offering them discounts on their medical care in exchange for their participation? Maybe market this platform to doctors who would be excited about having more information about their patients and about getting additional feedback about their treatments?

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