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Mindfulness Integrated into Social Media Scrolling

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I have this idea that we can integrate mindfulness exercises into social media. We spend hours and hours on Tik Tok and Instagram and then maybe do 10 minutes of meditating in the morning, if you’re super mindful about it. What if we can combine the two and integrate mindfulness within social media?

I’m not really sure what this looks like on the technical front, so I’d love some guidance on that as well as if this is something you could see being useful!


  1. Interesting idea. One thing to note might be existing competitors through partnerships between mindfulness apps and social media tools. I’m thinking of this:

    If you haven’t yet, you might want to think through differentiating your solution to compete with these emerging partnerships.

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  2. I’d urge you to think a bit about human mindset differences between participating in social media versus a meditation and mindfulness app. Though it could be helpful to blend mindsets here, I wonder if you’ll achieve the impact you are looking to achieve if the two mindsets are fundamentally different and people end up scrolling through or ignoring non-social content within social media.

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