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Mobile Piercing Studio

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Everyone loves the look of new piercings, but no one talks about the pain and hassle of aftercare! I want to start a fleet of mobile piercing studios, or studios on wheels. I’d rent out a few vans, hire a few piercers, and have each of them use a van in order to meet people where they are for piercings.

Not only would it make things more convenient for people to get new piercings, but it would also be great for aftercare— instead of waiting weeks to see a piercer and potentially getting an infection or having your piercing close, you’d have a mobile piercer who could meet you and take a look at your piercing. I think this would also make it easier for piercers who sometimes have to deal with aftercare for a piercing gone bad weeks too late…

What do you think of this idea? What should I keep in mind in making it happen?


  1. One risk I see is the fear around sanitation in a smaller, mobile space. I don’t know much about the piercing space, but have you thought about maintaining similar sanitation standards as you would have in a piercing studio? I’m not sure what is required sanitation-wise, but you’ll probably want to keep the same minimum standards in a smaller space. Best of luck!

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  2. Interesting idea, and I see the use case, especially as it relates to aftercare or in emergency situations. Among the challenge mentioned above, I think it could be challenging to:

    1. COVID-proof the business. It seems like you’d need to shut down operations seasonally if we were to have recurring pandemics. I imagine it would be challenging to have short-term auto/van leases without larger corporate partnerships, but it’s worth looking into.

    2. Resourcing: what kind of contracts would you have with piercers? What would profit-sharing look like? It may be challenging to find experienced piercers ready to take a gamble with profits with a new business

    3. Stigma: I think there is a a stigma about piercing shops that they’re unclean. That could be something you’ll face, especially in a mobile van situation

    I don’t mean to harp on the negatives! I do truly see the use case, but there also seem to be some challenges ahead. Happy to chat more and brainstorm more through some of these!

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  3. These are some great comments. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It seems like moving forward with this would be pretty complex, and I don’t know if I want to commit to something so complex. I have a few other ideas as well, so I will try to test the viability of those instead. I appreciate everyone taking the time to think about this with me!

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