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Recommendation Engine for Group Netflix Watching

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I want to create a recommendation engine so groups can decide what to watch on Netflix together. Right now, the algorithm works well for individuals, but what if two or more people are watching together, and they can’t decide what to watch?

This algorithm would take each person’s personal preferences and blend them together to recommend films and TV that the group would enjoy together. As groups watch more frequently together, the algorithm understands what to recommend better and the recommendations get more and more personalized

Is this something you’d use?


  1. Interesting idea. One thing to consider is that it’ll be complex to create a powerful recommendation algorithm and even more complex to create one that works for more than one person. It’s possible that competitors like Netflix and Hulu will offer their own version to this problem, and they can move a lot faster and capture more interest than an independent engineer. I’d be careful about playing in the same space as them with a similar type of product…

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  2. I can see the use case for this. If you’re interested in taking a step back and seeing if something like this could be used for other activities, that could be a helpful brainstorm. During the pandemic, Netflix definitely became a more prevalent activity for people at home, but as group activities start to trend back to how they were, there are additional use cases that could be interesting to explore here. You may want to think about this as a larger study for finding personalized activities for groups of people with disparate interests.

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  3. I’m not sure what data you’re going to use to make these recommendations. Netflix probably has a lot of data on its users, but how do you plan to acquire recommendations from other streaming services? Are you going to buy it from a data broker?

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  4. Curious about the business model here. Are you going to charge for these recommendations?

    Additionally, is the end goal to be profitable and grow the business or potentially be acquired by someone like Netflix?

    Knowing the end goal can help with some of the questions around trying to grow and grow sustainably and consistently.

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