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Tutoring as a Flexible Service App

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I’m interested in the social impact of the gig economy, especially in education. I was thinking about this idea for a mobile app that connects students with professional tutors. Students would create profiles describing their academic goals, what they need help with, their schedule (for example, Monday nights are the only open time slot), and what they are willing to pay. Tutors can then apply to tutor them based on those parameters and rates they set. The site helps connect both parties as well as facilitate payments between them. This could be very useful for those who need one-off help, or those who don’t have the financial means to pay for school tutoring programs but want a more flexible option than hiring a private tutor.

What do you think? Is this something you’d use?


  1. Cool idea! I’m not 100% on the facilitating payments part of this though. I think the stronger value is connecting students with the right tutors at the right times for the right price. I think diving more into the e-commerce aspects could just complicate things and get you into challenges with payment processing, fees, etc. Let me know what you think!

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  2. Interesting idea. Another component could be offering feedback to the tutor on what resonates with students so they can refine their lesson plans, improve their skills, and also hopefully, in turn, improve their loyalty to your app because of the value it brings.

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  3. I think the idea sounds great, but I’m not sure I’d pay someone to teach me something I could learn from free online. You might want to think about how you could offer a comparable value-add to online learning, or offer a curriculum that is very specific to what you’re paying for.

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