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Voice-Based Presentation Builder

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For any corporate worker, this will sound familiar: you’ve just finished a proposal, thought process, or project plan, and now it’s time to present to your colleagues. You sigh and prepare for a long night in of building Microsoft Powerpoint slides. Will it be 10 slides, 20, or 50 to convey your idea? Only time will tell. You make yourself a pot of coffee and prepare for the carpal tunnel you’ll experience the following day.

It doesn’t have to be like this. As voice-directed technologies progress, so should our ways of communicating with each other, past the casual conversation to the more formal business presentation. I want to make a voice-based presentation builder, where you access the microphone of your computer to direct a bot to help you build your presentation— moving shapes, text boxes, and images into alignment. With simple voice commands, you’ll be able to build faster and build with ease— maybe even multi-tasking and doing household chores as you prepare a presentation.

What do you think of this idea: is this something you would use? 


  1. Great idea, man. Seems like it could be pretty complicated building a chatbot from scratch, though. Have you thought about integrating with existing AI chatbots, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home? There’s definitely value in this idea, I just wonder if an integration would be a possible solution to a pretty complex space. I’d use the product, for sure!

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  2. This is an awesome idea! I wonder if your buyer is an everyday person or actually a company? I could see this have huge time-saving implications for employees, which would speak to a corporate buyer being more of the target market…

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  3. I’d use this! Are you thinking of releasing this only for Microsoft PowerPoint, or would I also be able to use something like this for Google Slides?

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