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Workplace Learning and Skills Analysis Platform

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Learning isn’t something that ends in school. It’s been reported that retention rates rise 30-50% for companies with strong learning cultures. With learning both benefitting individual employees with upskilling their careers and benefitting organizations in employee retention and skill of their workforce, it’s a win-win. 

Currently, companies may incentivize employee ongoing learning through offering subsidies or requiring certain training. However, there doesn’t exist a way for organizations to currently measure and analyze the ROI on employee learning, as employees may take courses from a variety of sources and may or may not report their certifications and/or learnings to their employer. 

The platform I would like to create would serve as a portal for employee learning, linking out to external learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and even YouTube. As employees look to learn new skills, their click patterns within the website are tracked and metrics are shared with their managers and employee development liaisons. Managers can view what new skills their employees are learning at the individual and aggregate level and start to understand where their teams currently invest their skills. From there, the data can help managers and organization leaders see and predict how their workforce develops skills and get ahead of the curve in developing industry-leading skills. 

This platform would be unique in tying together employee learning with advanced analytics to help organization leaders predict skills of the future and prepare their workforce for upcoming shifts in talent and technology. 

If you are a manager or organization leader, is this something you’d want to invest in for your team?


  1. Hey Ella, great idea. I lead a team of 5 at a scaling fintech startup, and this is something all our managers at the company could use. In particular, we want to make sure our direct reports are upskilling in the newest technology and trends in financial services, and this could be a great way to measure their progress. What do you anticipate the business model to be here? Additionally, would the platform recommend learning courses and training materials, or is that something I as a manager would need to research and recommend to my team?

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  2. Super compelling idea here. I see the bottom-up implications as well: share your new skills and learnings with your boss in order to uplevel and prepare for promotions. I’d love to see a similar focus on tracking and skills management for individual contributors as well!

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