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Yelp for Medical Bills

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There’s nothing more frustrating than going to the doctor, being told you’ll owe nothing or have no co-pay for a visit, then having a hefty medical bill arrive in your mail a few weeks or months later. Why is it that we know the price we’re paying for every other service before we buy it except for American healthcare?

I’m proposing a site that functions like Yelp but for medical bills. After a visit, you share what doctor you saw, what insurance you have, what treatment you had, and then what you ended up paying out of pocket. You’re able to see other people’s experiences with doctors and what they paid before you have a visit, and you can pay it forward by helping others estimate their medical bills ahead of time as well.

What do you think?

Is this something you’d find value in?


  1. Interesting idea. I’d be interested in something like this. I wonder if you’ll run into some trouble coordinating between health insurance and doctors, with both putting more of the burden of data collection and paying on the other…

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  2. I’d find value in it, but the implementation may be trickier than anticipated. Payment for medical services is quite variable, with differences arising not just between insurance plans, but also between time of year, billing codes, etc. That is to say, someone who visits Doctor A for treatment B in June may have a different bill than that same person, doctor, and treatment in December of a year. Payment forecasting is notoriously complex, and not easily tracked or determined, unfortunately.

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  3. I’d be interested to see if this could turn into more of a marketplace: where people are able to sort, purchase, and compare healthcare from a price point standpoint. I think that could drastically reduce prices. In a market economy like ours, I’m surprised that healthcare runs contrary to market principles.

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